Counseling and Coaching in Portland, Oregon

 The first two questions I always like to ask my clients are:
“If our work together is a great success,
what will that look like to you?"
 "How will we know when our work together is done?

For over one  decade,  I've been able to witness  the individuals, couples, & families I work with make huge and extraordinary brave changes to create the lives and relationships they want to wake up to each morning. I specialize in three areas:


  • Working with men and women struggling with acute, chronic, or periodic feeings of depression, anxiety,  grief and loss, the impact  of trauma or abuse in their lives,  chronic health issues, self esteem/self worth struggles, and navigating  life transitions. I offer individual counseling to help my clients feel whole in their own skin, connect with others the way they long to, and gain clarity so that their intentions and wishes become aligned with the actual lives they are leading. 
  • Working with couples in crisis or transition.  Since 2008,  I have trained extensively with the two top couples therapy training institutes in the country- The Gottman Institute in Seattle and Terry Real's Relational Life Institute in Boston. I am an Advanced Trained Gottman Method Couples Counselor and a Certified Relational Life Therapist. I genuinely love helping couples create new possibilities, and I will work hard alongside you to release ways of  being and communicating that don't serve, respect, and honor all you are and hoped to be and find in each other. My sessions are 100 minutes with couples which allows for the time it really takes to get into the heart of issues where you may find yourselves stuck.
  • Crisis Intervention and Prevention. Life happens on its own terms, and  crises occur when we least expect it sometimes. I reserve a small number of spots for adults, couples,  and families who are in need of more rapid support, interventions, lengthier counseling sessions that can be anywhere from two hours in length to a full day, and/or assistance navigating the community for the appropriate resources and referrals. (If  this  is an emergency, however, please call 911, go to your local ER, and/or call the Multnomah County Crisis LIne at (503) 988-4888.)
  • Please Note:  If you are a VETERAN or partner of a veteran who served in post 9/11 conflicts and are seeking couples counseling, please let me know as I offer significantly reduced rates  to you as well as reserve several no charge appointments.  Call me for more information.

When I was a Peace Corps Volunteer many years ago, we were told our main job is to work ourselves out of our jobs. Being a therapist is sort of the same in ways.  As I listen to your goals, my own  include to help clients think in ever expanding  and creative ways to better confront the challenges of their lives, and to help them lead increasingly  within from a place that feels most alive, genuine, and empowering. Whether I work with you in individual, couples, or group counseling, or through my web classes, my ultimate goal is to work myself out of a job and to work you into a life and relationships of your heartfelt choosing, and ones in which you feel genuinely cherished, respected, safe, and heard.


I offer a free 15-20 minute phone consultation so please do not hesitate to call me at 503-450-9902 or Email me through the sidebar link with any questions you may have. 


Will you allow yourself to be next?


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