Individual Therapy

Every human being deserves a safe, confidential place they can go to where they needn’t feel judged, rushed, or pressured in any way. I aim for my office to be such a sanctuary that can hold the hopes and aspirations for your life. Individual counseling is always based upon your unique goals, needs, and challenges.


You may be seeking support for any number of reasons such as depression, workplace stress, grief and loss, shame, trauma, anxiety, loneliness, clarity around transitions, addictions, or any number of other issues that befall us as perfectly imperfect human beings. Please know that I have more than a decade of experience now working alongside my fellow human beings in their quest to heal, grow, and learn new ways of being, thinking, and feeling about themselves and their world that fit most authentically with who they are and aspire to become.


My clients come from all walks of life, can vary in age from 18 all the way up to 92 (so far!), and I welcome people at all stages of their lives. I teach clients to hold themselves, as my mentor, Terry Real, would say in “unconditional warm self regard” while we also look at their stances, thoughts, and patterns that are often hurting or holding them back from relationships and opportunities they long for.


Other clients aren’t coming in necessarily to work on themselves but rather simply seeking emotional support as they try to move through painful circumstances in their lives. Whatever may be leading to your seeking services, please know that I am happy to first have a free, 15-20 minute phone consultation where I can answer any questions you may have, and learn more about you and your current goals for services. Please also feel free to contact me if I may help with any additional resources or referrals.


I may be reached by phone at (503) 450-9902 or by Email at I look forward to hearing from you!